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Type: Action Item Status: Passed
File created: 5/17/2024 In control: Parks & Recreation
On agenda: 6/6/2024 Final action: 6/6/2024
Title: Approve co-sponsorship and waiver of requested city fees for eleven High Impact co-sponsored special events at an estimated cost for in-kind services and cash of $752,100 ($637,840 general fund, $39,260 enterprise fund and $75,000 cash), funding for the Community Event Co-Sponsorship Program of $200,000, for the purpose of Fiscal Year 2024/25 departmental budget submissions and authorize the appropriate officials to execute same.
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Approve co-sponsorship and waiver of requested city fees for eleven High Impact co-sponsored special events at an estimated cost for in-kind services and cash of $752,100 ($637,840 general fund, $39,260 enterprise fund and $75,000 cash), funding for the Community Event Co-Sponsorship Program of $200,000, for the purpose of Fiscal Year 2024/25 departmental budget submissions and authorize the appropriate officials to execute same.



Per City Council Policy, Item 2-21, Special Event Fee, there shall be an annual review of city sponsored/co-sponsored events during the budget process.  An agenda item approving co-sponsorship and level of support for these events will be brought before the city council at the beginning of the budget process each fiscal year.  In the event additional money is required beyond what is approved in the Fiscal Years (FY) 2024/25 budget, City Council approval will be required.

On December 19, 2023, City Council policy, Item 2-21 Special Event Fee was amended to waive in-kind fees for High Impact events greater than $20,000 and approve a lump sum amount to fund the “Community Event Co-Sponsorship Program” for events less than $20,000.  Cash funding for High Impact events were eliminated; however, Jazz Holiday was in the process of planning and budgeting for the 2024 event prior to the amendment being approved and thus counting on the continued $75,000 of cash support.   Staff is requesting that for Fiscal Year (FY) 2024/25 only, that Jazz Holiday’s request for $75,000 in cash support as well as the $73,470 of in-kind support be approved.  After FY 2024/25, Jazz Holiday like other High Impact Events will receive in-kind services only. 

Total budget requests for High Impact Events totaled $752,100 as compared with last year’s requests for the same events of $583,060.  The increases are due primarily from four events that are expanding from “Community Event Co-Sponsorship Program” (less than $20,000) to “High Impact Events” (greater than $20,000) and personnel cost increases.  Events are Veterans Alliance Memorial and Veterans Day, Clearwater Run Festival and Tampa Bay Turkey Trot (chart below).   

Event                                                                                    2023/24                     2024/25                     Increase

Veteran’s Day                                                               8,790                                          32,040                                          23,250

Tampa Bay Turkey Trot                     13,370                                          64,500                                          51,130

Clearwater Run Festival                     160                                          24,690                                          24,530

Memorial Day                                                               8,490                                          32,040                                          23,550

Totals                                                                                    30,810                                          153,270                     122,460


The Rock N Roll Marathon will not be returning to Clearwater, but the Clearwater Run Festival will offer a great alternative to the running community with the continued support of the city as a High Impact Event.  

The remaining events from the approved 2023/24 Co-sponsored events list fall within the “Community Event Co-Sponsorship Program” and will apply for assistance through this program.   These events are traditionally much smaller and require less city support.   Staff is requesting an initial investment of $200,000 per year to fund this program.  The cost for these events in FY 2023/24 is $190,790.  Staff is projecting that the ask for these same events will be reduced to $150,000 in FY 2024/25, thus allowing for additional funding for new community events.  

Total support of $952,100 is being recommended for all Co-Sponsored events (High Impact and Community Program events) in FY 2024/25 which is an increase of 13% or $108,340 from last year.  

Section 3.11 of the Venue Agreement between the City and Ruth Eckerd Hall, Inc. addresses the City’s right to use The BayCare Sound without payment of rental or usage fees, on July 4, July 5, and up to ten additional dates per calendar year. 

To address the scheduling and cost for these ten events they have been included in this agenda item for discussion and or approval. 

The events and costs recommended are as follows:

1.                     October 2024                                          Hispanic Heritage Festival                                                               $50,000

2.                     December 2024                     Holiday Event                                                                                                         $50,000

3.                     January 2025                                          Martin Luther King Jr. Rally                                                               $15,000

4.                     February 2025                                          Sea Blues Festival Day 1                                                               $30,000

5.                     February 2025                                          Sea Blues Festival Day 2                                                               $30,000

6.                     May 2025                                          Memorial Day Event                                                                                    $15,000

7.                     May 2025                                          High School Graduation(s)                                                               $25,000

8.                     November 2025                     Veterans Day Event                                                                                     $15,000

9.                     August 2025                                          BayCare Sound Silver Screen Movie                                          $15,000

10.                     September 2025                     Clearwater’s Live, Love, Local Celebration                     $25,000

Total                                                                                                                                                                                             $270,000

There is no requirement to use any or all the ten days allocated by the agreement with REH but, if the city chooses to use the venue for these events the total costs is estimated to be an additional $270,000 which would be included in the special events budget.  

It should be noted that notwithstanding the move away from cash funding from the City’s general fund, that is not intended to preclude the ability of event organizers to continue to access cash as well as in-kind support.  Future requests for cash funding may be directed to the Downtown Development Board (DDB) for the allocation of funds for that purpose in keeping with DDB policy objectives.

At the June 3 work session, there was council consensus to discuss the ten-day events held at The BayCare Sound at a future date. Staff was directed to take the item off the Consent Agenda.


If approved funding for the various events will be budgeted into each departments operating budgets for FY 2024/25.  



Approval of the purchase order supports several Strategic Plan Objectives, including:

                     2.1: Strengthen public-private initiatives that attract, develop, and retain diversified business sectors.

                     2.2: Cultivate a business climate that welcomes entrepreneurship, inspires local investment, supports Eco-friendly enterprises, and encourages high-quality job growth.

                     2.3:  Promote Clearwater as a premier destination for entertainment, cultural experiences, tourism, and national sporting events.

                     3.1: Support neighborhood identity through services and programs that empower community pride and belonging.

                     3.4: Inspire citizen participation through civic engagement and volunteerism to build strong, inclusive, and engaged communities.